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My dad & I in 1977

My dad & I in 1977

Nellie, OTTB (aka. The Nattitude Way)

Nellie, OTTB
(aka. The Nattitude Way)

Nellie’s First Dressage Show

Nellie’s First Dressage Show


Karen's keen awareness that correct saddle fit can transform the ability of a horse to move freely and the rider to sit in balance has compelled her to become educated in formal saddle fitting techniques. Her strong desire to learn and to serve the needs of horses and their riders in all disciplines has led her to complete a variety of courses in proper saddle fitting techniques for English, Western, and Endurance saddles.

Karen has developed a unique and well-rounded perspective through her educational and professional experiences that sets her apart from other fitters. This, as well as a degree in teaching, gives her the ideal background to not only fit saddles, but to educate her clients on the importance of good fit and how to achieve it.

An avid student, Karen continues to put a high priority on learning and professional development. She often attends continuing education classes and events on equine anatomy, body work & massage, and of course… saddle fit & design so that she can offer the very best service and education to her clients.

A life-long horse enthusiast, Karen grew up riding in pony club and has never stopped on her personal horsemanship journey. These days she is training her own OTTB, Nellie, for a new career in eventing. When she is not fitting saddles or training her horse, you will find Karen enjoying time with her husband Clint and their three children Liam, Riley and Ella. Guided by her strong faith, Karen expresses her call to serve by using her inherent abilities, developed skills, and love of horses and people to serve her community through education and saddle fitting.

To schedule a demonstration or fitting appointment with Karen, email: sweetseatsaddle@gmail.com.