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Thank you for requesting a saddle fit evaluation or fitting appointment for your horse. So that we can give you and your horse the best possible service, please:

  • Allow 2-3 hours for your saddle fit evaluation or fitting appointment. Horses don't care about our schedule. We need to be flexible for them.

  • Do not schedule any other appointments for your horse on the day of your appointment, Your horse will likely be ridden several times during the evaluation. To get an accurate assessment he should not be tired or stressed.

  • Have your horse groomed and ready to measure but let him wait for us in his stall until we are ready for him.

  • Be prepared to have the primary rider ride the horse in the regular saddle at the appointment but please NO riding before the evaluation (lunging a fresh horse is OK).

  • Practice having your horse stand still and square so we can get the most accurate measurements possible.

  • Bring your trainer, spouse, friend or all of the above, the more the merrier!

After we have measured you, your horse and your saddle we will have you ride in your current saddle without a saddle pad if possible. Riding without the pad helps us see what the saddle is doing while we are riding. After the static & dynamic fit evaluations we will explain your options, which could be:

  • Your saddle fits as good as humanly possible and nothing needs to be done except to recheck it again in 6 months.

  • Your saddle or pad needs to be adjusted.

  • If your non-adjustable saddle does not fit, you are welcome to try one of our adjustable saddles and we will talk about the potential benefits. (We promise - no high pressure sales)

  • You can keep the saddle and buy a new horse to fit it.